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How to book a training course

Please read the following carefully before booking. Be aware that all deposits are non-refundable, therefore make sure that you can get the time off that you require. The 10 day course requires a £235 non refundable deposit, the security cylinder & mortice courses both require a £100 non refundable deposit. Underneath are a list of available courses and times and dates, before booking please CONTACT FIRST to make sure the date you require is still free. As there are only limited places per course it is imperative that you check first. I will try and keep it updated but the onus is on you to check that is available before paying the deposit. Either ring first or email and request a callback. Once a deposit has been placed on the course, you will receive an email confirmation.

10 Day Training Course Schedule

This a breakdown of everything you will be getting taught over the 10 days, please read all the information at the bottom carefully before booking, we look forward to hearing from you.


Introductions into the roles of a locksmith

  • Types of jobs to expect

  • Traits that make a good locksmith

  • Start up costs discussed

  • Earning potential

  • Tour of facilities

Introduction to key cutting

  • Practical demo of cylinder key cutting

  • Practical demo of mortice key cutting

  • Re-pinning your own cylinders

Common bypass techniques

  • Using Mica properly

  • Using latch tools

  • Using the letterbox tool and its versatility for many jobs

  • Motorised attachments for turning keys etc

  • Wireless camera

  • Magnetic attachments

  • Opening mortice locks with keys on inside

  • Opening standard codelocks with bypass methods



Full day on cylinder manipulation and opening covering all aspects of non-destructive entry

  • picking & raking

  • electric pick gun

  • bumping

  • bypassing

  • plug spinning

  • opening a lock with key on the inside

Moving on to destructive entry including

  • drilling

  • snapping

  • lock pulling

  • using a die grinder



High security cylinder opening.

  • In depth look into 1 star and 3 star security cylinders and their features

  • Opening 3 star cylinders using GJs dedicated picks including Ultion and Yale

  • Other methods including hand picks and EPGs

  • Destructive entry methods

Other common cylinder locks and how to open them

  • Rim cylinders if can't be bypassed

  • Garage locks

  • Window locks

  • Shutter locks



Full day spent on UPVC mechanisms and furniture including

  • How door mechanisms work

  • Identifying and ordering correct parts

  • Replacing euro cylinders

  • Replacing gearboxes/centre cases

  • Identifying gearboxes though the handles

  • Repair locks

  • Replacing window mechanisms

  • Replacing door handles

  • Replacing window handles



Day on diagnosing faults with UPVC mechanisms and doors, and opening jammed mechanisms

  • Troubleshooting what the cause of the problem is

  • Toe and heeling

  • Opening failed mechanisms using variety of techniques depending on the problem

  • Opening failed window mechs



Morning session discussing composite doors and practical sessions

  • nightlatch functions

  • auto deadlocking doors

  • opening failed mechanisms

  • security letterguards

Afternoon practical session on replacing the common locks you will come across also decoding common keysafes

  • euro cylinder

  • mortice lock

  • rim cylinder

  • garage lock

  • shutter lock

  • screw in cylinder

  • Master lock

  • Kidde

  • Supra C500



Full day on lever locks and practical sessions on how to open.

Morning session will include

  • 3 lever locks and how to open with jigglers and try outs

  • 2 in 1 picks

  • Introduction into lever lock picking

  • Using overlift wires

  • How to ID a lock through keyhole

  • How to drill for the gate

  • Opening a door with key on inside

  • Diagnosing faults including key not working, key spinning round etc

Afternoon session will go into full detail how to use the best decoders on the market

  • Fortress Decoder

  • Union Decoder

  • Cutting keys using the decoders

  • And many more



Morning session on pin and cam tools for mortice locks including

  • Chubb 114 pin and cam

  • Fortress pin and cam and its many uses

Afternoon session on using the Souber Morticer

  • How to set up this versatile tool

  • morticing for a lock

  • perfect for codelocks

  • professional finish for BS Nightlatches that require recessing into the door



Morning session will be a classroom session on advice for successfully starting your career

  • website help

  • getting on google

  • basic start out tool list

  • start up stock list

Afternoon session will be an intense training simulation

  • As close to a real lockout situation as possible

  • On your own with no help or advice

  • Locked in a darkened room with only two points of exit

  • Use your wits, stay calm, and see if you can remember everything youve been taught


DAY 10

Final module is examination day to see if you have remembered everything you have been taught. A variety of practical tests including

  • gain entry euro

  • gain entry mortice

  • slipping nightlatch

  • Using thumbturn tool

  • Opening failed mechanism

  • Changing gearbox

  • Picking a 3 star cylinder

  • Decoding a mortice

  • Opening a dropped snib

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