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Our Mission

Our ethos at Fortress Locksmith Training is to always try and find a way non destructively, this is why our course focuses exactly on that. If you just want to learn to gain entry by whatever means necessary then this probably isn't the course for you. We expect you to be able to think outside the box and come up with solutions to problems that others may not have thought about. This is what will make you a great locksmith - problem solving.

No previous training is needed, however you are expected to have a desire to learn, an interest in how things work and the ability to wield power tools and hand tools without supervision.

In return for your time and patience you will be taught techniques that will allow you to open the most complicated of locks and leave the course with the confidence that you can tackle jobs immediately. Of course you cannot be taught everything in 10 days but through experience this will put you in good stead for the most common jobs you will encounter.

Our trainer Seth has amassed quite a Youtube following for his no nonsense approach to locksmithing sharing his jouney along the way, in fact that might be part of the reason you are here right now, if you want to see more videos go along to his channel to see all the different methods he can teach you.

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Admission and Fees

The total cost for the 10 day course is £1850. This may seem expensive, and it is, however you are paying to learn entry techniques with some of the best tools on the market that will set you up for life. There are 3/4 day courses that are only £1000 but that still equates to roughly the same cost per day.

Check out the full 10 day course schedule to see exactly what you will be getting taught, you will see it is very comprehensive. The ten day course is split over two weeks, starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday and the same the week after. We believe this gives you the chance to absorb everything you have learnt and come back after the weekend fully recharged and refreshed.

The choice is yours, invest in your future with a training course that is fun, informative and progressive or just learn the basics and pick up everything else as you go along.

All course dates can be reserved with a £235 non-refundable deposit, be aware that there are only 4 spaces per month so move fast if you want to reserve yours.

We could do more course dates per month but we love our jobs that much that we wouldn't want to give them up, that's how you know you are going to receive the best training, we still LOVE our jobs so the enthusiasm is always there to pass on to you the student.

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