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Are you just starting out, or maybe thinking of a change in career? Here at Fortress Locksmith Training we aim to give you all the skills needed to become an established locksmith. With our high intensity 10 day training course we will provide you with the skills needed to be able to walk straight out of training and tackle nearly all common jobs that face a residential locksmith.

You will have access to some of the most advanced and up to date tools and be shown how to comfortably use them to give you a more professional appearance in front of your customer. Our main focus is on NDE (non-destructive entry) to provide you with the skills that will allow you to progress into warrant work in which these are essential.



Looking for 1-1 training?

Are you looking for a more personal training course?

We also offer bespoke training packages tailored to your needs.

Whether it be advanced tutorials getting grips to pin and cam tools, picking mortice locks or picking 3 star cylinders we can help.

Simply send us an email at with your requirements and we can design a training schedule to suit your skill set.

Our Locksmith Training


Bypass Techniques

Essential locksmith methods for opening doors with various bypass tools.


High Security Cylinder Picking

Lastest tool training for gaining entry into 3 star cylinders.


Mortice Lock Decoding

With the latest tools from GJ Locks, advanced tutorials on how to open the most common mortice locks with no damage.


UPVC Mechanism Replacement

In depth tutorials on how to open jammed mechanisms and replacing them.


Cylinder Opening

Every aspect of opening the most common locks out there from the non destructive including picking, bumping bypassing; to the destructive including drilling, pulling and snapping.


Lock Fitting

From changing euro cylinders to fitting mortice locks & nightlatches from scratch we will teach you the correct tools to achieve a professional finish for your customers.

Only the best quality tools are used in our training

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Why choose Fortress Locksmith Training?

Becoming a locksmith is a big financial investment, from paying for training, buying a van to purchasing tools. You need to be confident in the fact the training course you choose is the right one for you.

First and foremost our tutor Seth is a highly successful locksmith in his own right with his services being sought after from all over Lancashire, and its these expertise that he brings to the table in his own unique way. If you want to visit Seths own locksmith site then click here.


We run a twice a year intensive 10 day training course limited to 6 students per course. This will give you the confidence that you will receive the close 1 to 1 tuition that you would expect when learning such important techniques. Instead of trying to cram too much into a few days we believe that this 10 day course will cover everything you need to start trading immediately. Of course we can't teach everything, but what we do show is all the basics you will be expected to know and likely to come across regularly.

In addition to this, we also run more advanced courses aimed at trading locksmiths wanting to improve their skillset, these include a 3 day high security cylinder opening course, 3 day mortice lock opening course and a 3 day UPVC door & window course.

This will be mainly a practical course with all students expected to demonstrate all aspects taught to them, but what really sets our course apart is that being trading locksmiths ourselves, students will be encouraged to come along on live jobs as and when they come in, nothing will give you more confidence and experience than seeing the techniques you have learnt being put into practice in the real world. We have a luxury 5 seater crew cab and seperatework van which enables ALL students to come out and observe and sometimes participate on live jobs (with the customers prior permission of course).

Don't just take our word for it, those who successfully complete the course and pass the exam will be allowed to set up an account immediately with the renowned Locksmith Tools manufacturer GJ Locks to purchase tools that you have learnt how to use during the course.

We pride ourselves on really pushing towards non destructive entry techniques, of course this is not always possible, but nevertheless our ethos is 'pick first, drill last!'.

Read the genuine Google verified reviews below to see for yourself, we are pushing the boundaries of your usual 'sit at a bench with a practice lock', and try and simulate as many realistic scenarios as we can.


Nadeem J

There are simply not enough stars to put for Seth and Joe... I have done a 5-day course at MLA and on day 1 with Seth I learned more than the previous courses I have undertaken. There was a friend and family feel about the centre I was soo welcomed and never once judged, the course is simply amazing, can't fault it and the stuff they teach is by far the most intensive and productive learning you will get as a Locksmiths, I picked a safe, I picked a 3-star ultion by hand and I learned so many methods of NDE (non-destructive entry) it blew my mind, Seth Is like Mr Miyagi instead of wax on wax off, it's Tension on Tension off. And joe felt like a big brother always had time and never said no to help he even stayed behind a few hours because I struggled on Mortice picking.


Mase A

I just completed an intense 10 day locksmith course and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Seth and Joe. They are very down to earth chaps with lots of Northern humour. I felt comfortable from the very first day and wasn’t shy to raise my hand if I didn’t understand something. The course was hands on and practical from day 1. Seth and Joe are within reach anytime you want assistance. Whether is handpicking a mortice lock or 3 a star cylinder or using the EPG, they are charged with energy to support you until you feel confident. The course is aimed at practicing locksmiths who want to advance their skills further as a proficient locksmith and also tailored for someone who wants to start a career in locksmithing. I genuinely benefited from the course and will be applying my new acquired knowledge to continue practicing (as advised) in areas where I feel need more improvement. Absolutely amazing experience 🙌


Leigh P

Having already done a locksmith course I thought I would only pick up on a few things but the confidence and skills I’ve learnt from doing the fortress course is unbelievable Felt like I learnt more in the first half a day than I did in the last course can’t thanks Seth and joe enough! 🗝🔑🔐


Carl H

Just finished the 10 day fortress locksmith training course. I attended the course having only watched videos of locksmiths on YouTube. I had no prior knowledge and am a complete rookie! After 10 days of being taught by Seth I feel confident that I could approach a job and feel confident that I was going to get it done. Everything was covered at a high level and if you didn’t feel too confident on something we would go back over it until we did. For anyone wishing to become a locksmith, I highly recommend this course. Look nowhere else.


Che G

Ive been on two courses previously, with well known established training providers and must say this course at Fortress is by far the best i have done. Seth delivers the course professionally and passionately. It has covered in depth a lot of points omitted or brushed over by the other courses attended. I cannot recommend this course enough.


Anthony D

A 10 day course where not only the "not anymore a secret" practices, but also the latest hacks, tricks and treasured nuggets of knowledge are taught to you by a man whose passion, ethics and dedication to the trade cannot be questioned. If you want to start your locksmith business in the best of conditions, get all the basics and foundations and get supported by one of the best, even after the course has ended, this is the place.

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