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A grounbreaking development in opening Yale 3 star dimple cylinders, a set of hybrid keys that can successfully open Yale Platinums on a high ratio. This is especially true of the 35/35 cylinders as due to the length of the cylinder can only contain a certain amount of pins. Insert key correct way round with slider track to the top, insert key all the way (if stiff apply some lubricant) then gently apply tension in either direction whilst raking the key back and forth. To use as a bump key, insert fully then pull back one click then apply light tension and strike with bump hammer (not as much force is required as normal cylinders) We have found if you bump or rake into a 'false set' you can then maintain light tension and then gently tap with the bump hammer and it will open.

Yale Platinum Slyder Ryders

SKU: 36523641234523
  • A set of keys for both the new and old profile, (please see pictures for guidance) although the new profile key will fit in the old profile it is not designed for it.

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