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Will I be able to start work immediately?

The short answer is YES! The training you receive here will set you up for the most common of locksmith jobs including gaining entry, lock changes, multi point lock replacements, lock fitting and many more. You will be able to attack these kind of jobs with confidence, but on the condition you have invested in the correct stock and tools. We of course will point you in the right direction but it is up to YOU how much you want to invest in yourself.

Do I receive a qualification?

As of 2024 the locksmith industry still remains unregulated, meaning that anyone can set up and start trading as a locksmith with no formal training as there isn't a recognised qualification that is needed. That being said most companies that you want to set up accounts with, for example hardware suppliers like Aldridge Security or Duffels, and locksmith tool suppliers like GJ Locks and JMA will want to see proof of training before alllowing you to set up an account. When you complete the Fortress Locksmith 10 day training course you will receive a holographed certificate which will enable you to set up an account with GJ Locks immediately as well as other suppliers such as APECS and Keyprint Security.

Can I have my deposit back if I change my mind?

Unfortunately all deposits are non-returnable as this covers business costs if anyone drops out. We only run a twice a year course and limit it to 6 spaces so by paying a deposit you secure your place for that particular month. There are no exceptions to this so before booking your place make sure you can take the time off etc for the full 10 days.

Where will I stay?

Within 2 miles there are a Premier Inn and Travelodge, if booked in advance these offer great rates if booking a few days at a time. Tea & coffee will be available all day and also lunch will be provided. Please note there is restricted parking outside the premises but there is ample parking on nearby streets.

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